The world around us gives us everything we need. Inspiration, knowledge, awareness, the answers are often found right in front of us. I love to stare at the colors of life outside; the confluence of the built environment versus the natural environment inspires me constantly. The single vanishing point of the road ahead, always moving but never still.
I will photograph these things often – if I’m quick enough on the draw with my camera or iPhone. I use these captured images for my own edification, inspiration for paintings, posts on Instagram, and eventually as the wardrobe for a dressed up built environment. Framing the shot – the building edge, the detail, the texture, those color and lines, it all explodes just inside the border. And it’s all inspiration for the everywhere else.

The best design solutions are right in front of our eyes. I study the world around me, everywhere, everyday, taking note of what works and what doesn’t. The grooves on the sidewalk and dents on the side rail show us exactly where form didn’t meet function.

In nature, color and pattern have no preference for the other. The forest floor is a consistently disorganized pattern yet when placed next to a solid body it drops back and reads as a solid itself.
The verticality of a line of trees can be interpreted as stripes sitting atop a massive swath of earth.
These are the observations which provide me with endless inspiration.